Hum to your Happiess

Hum to your happiness

Why does music affect us so?

Think about the movie Jaws… Dun-Dunt, Dun-Dunt… strikes terror in anyone thinking of going for a late night swim in the ocean.  How about a wedding march? The celebration of two people starting a new life together.  The sounds of  birds chirping as the spring day unfolds, the pouring of a cool crisp waterfall splashing on rocks in the sun light brings feeling of relaxation for most.   This is the power of music to pull us right into an emotion.

Why is this so? What is it about the music that can tame the savage beast and bring us to emotional rages that pull in feelings of the past?  How can we use this gift to help us heal and find peace in our everyday lives?

Two key elements in our relation to music; recognition and association make music a powerful tool to aid in healing.  Recognizing music is the switch that allows us to hear music within the first couple of beats pulling us into a memory.  Association is the gift that helps us feel connected to the memory and pulls in a belief around the sensation.  Music also changes our heart beat in measurable ways helping us to relax in stressful times.  Putting a tune to something your trying to memorize like the Alphabet makes learning fun and increases retention, to the point where some people can’t even remember without singing it.

Try these tools to aid in you finding your rhythm:

  • Create a space with a relaxing chair or meditation spot
  • Select music with no noise that helps you feel calm
  • Reduce times when you are in spaces of noise pollution
  • Try chant, gong, singing bowls or Tibetan bowls to experience new sounds


Use music as a tool to build you up and lift your spirit, aid in learning and open new path ways to discovering your world!  Experiment with the world of sound can help you find new ways to release tension and heal the body.


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