Mending Holes In the Heart

Holes in your heart didn’t come from the start.
The pain shot through you like a dart.
Once you GAVE your heart to someone they broke it apart.
“Never again” you swear…
“I will never let anyone near!”
I’m sorry my friend,
This isn’t your end.
Most don’t know how to tend to their own
Until they have grown.
It’s not their fault.
You are an adult.
The mistake came when you started to blame
It ignited your flame and started this painful game.

How do you love without the fear of repeating the pattern?
You become your own lighthouse lantern,
keeping watch for the storms you create.
Blocking you from seeing how to navigate.
You shift focus, get clear on what you hear,
Pull it in near without fear.
For what you hear is your true heart.
Not you torn apart.
Learning to grow and let go of the old patterns that were not you from the start.
Learn to OPEN your heart from the start
Share the beauty that will grow two together, never to part.
True bonds start from friendship.
Then grow into love that will not flip.
Trust is earned over time.
Developed like a fine wine.
Do you not deserve the best?
You are not like the rest… so invest!

GIVING vs OPENING your heart is world’s apart.
Learn to love from the true heart.
Understand that minimizing your truth will only shatter the gift of love you cherish.
Nurture your soul so that it can flourish.
Find a soul that matches your truth, one that is compassionate.
If you both are in your truth, you will attract each other like a magnet.

Tamra B
Your Soul Fire Igniter