My Journey to Clarity


Even as a very young girl, I knew I wanted to serve, but had no idea how.  I clearly remember asking – at the tender age of three – “What am I here for?  Am I here to serve the animals?; the planet?; or people?”   I had a craving to know why I was here.  I felt I’d received my answer from deep reflection, yet at that age, of course, I was unsure how to serve, but the passion in me was clear!  As I went on with my life, I learned and discovered the importance of heartfelt connection and communication, but I also struggled with finding people who understood me.  I was one of those little ones that always felt like I didn’t belong.  Like I was in a movie and everyone else knew the ending before I did.   I felt lost, confused, and detached always eager to connect with MY TRIBE…

For a long time, I struggled to fit in.  Then one day I realized no one fit inwe weren’t supposed to.  If I was who they thought I should be, then that wouldn’t be me!

It wasn’t until I was older than the skills and tools required for me to love myself unconditionally were presented.   I was gifted many life experiences that developed my understanding, feelings, and skills to address the ways and reasons we hurt each other to build value in our Self.  It was clear to me that in most cases, this wasn’t intentional.  I learned that most of us were not gifted the clarity to think from a neutral space.  But because of this, we take on the pain and blame of failure and defeat.   I know my calling is to serve by helping others recognize their internal truths, identify patterns that don’t serve them and live a life filled with true Unconditional Self Love!   Once we love who we are and accept ourselves we can let love in, then we can love and accept others for who they are.

I have been blessed with 3 amazing souls to raise and share my growth with.  I am filled with gratitude for every day they gift me their time and love in return.  Like so many, I have experienced love and loss. I’ve learned the gift of the difference between our perception of what we think life should look like vs what it truly is.  This was one of many life lessons that paved the road of my journey of learning to let go and live free of attachments.  Along with the personal journey, I have studied with Institute Integrated Nutrition, Heart IQ, Certification at Dave’s Ashtanga, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and Sadhguru, to name a few.

I feel we each have a purpose in this life and I long to support others shifting their issues into opportunities to serve their soul.  I believe life is happening for us, but when we are so close to the experience, sometimes we struggle to see the gifts and opportunities to grow.  We become stuck and blocked repeating the same patterns hoping it will someday be different!

Well ‘someday’ is today!

Blessings and Balance
Love and Light,
Tamra B